A walk down Leirisuora/Camp Avenue 

The Leirisuora/ “Camp Avenue” is the central street in Kajo, connecting Action Valley to Future Valley and Välähtämö. It used to be a runway when Evo was an airfield. That’s why it’s so straight. Here’s what you can find walking from the Lake Stage down to the Kajo Evo gate posts. 

Behind the Välähtämö, by the lakeshore there’s a cluster of hammocks, a perfect place to chill, when it’s not raining. At Välähtämö, there’s a village of tents and vans offering activity ideas, games and training opportunities (for Partiolaiset members). From 8h30 to 22h there’s a program delivered to anybody interested from hockey to trampolining, mind and spirit activities as well as exercise sessions. 

The Luotsi-koulutus tents provide certified and drop-in style training for Finnish Scout leaders. 

The Amatuer Radio tent has a myriad of radio-themed activities, from morse code to soldering and radio detection.Participants can make contact with Scouts from around the world, using the OH2S callsign. “Complete 5 challenges during the week to earn your radio badge,” says Jochen from Germany. 

The Participant Services stall is there to help participants with their queries. “We help with camp registration, check-in and out, and any problems with the Kajo tag,” explained Kenny.  Behind the P.S. stall is Hiukkasland where there’s a “friendbank”, a place to make friends, or to have a chat. 

Santtu in the KV-Lounge describes it as a “chill spot for international scouts to meet”. They have lego, and glitter. There’s a portfolio of “Buddies”, a list of international Scout leaders who are looking to meet others with similar interests. The International Friendship Challenge, (accessible from the Kajo Lux App.) can be earned at the KV-Lounge.  

“In the Saavutettavuuden Savu (Accessibility Zone), participants can play games to heighten their sense of smell, touch and hearing,” Iida explains, “we’ve also set up a wheelchair course.” The course helps participants to experience some of the difficulties encountered when access is not considered. 

At the woodturning workshop, you can make your own woggle. Experts will give you tips on technique, and ensure your safety at all times. 

Past the bank of chemical toilets, you’ll find some corporate, governmental and partner organisation booths. At Biofore you can learn about renewable resources. Metsahallitus (The National Forestry Board) has information on Finnish forestry. 

At the KUA (Finnish Church Aid) Booth, you can learn about Finland’s biggest international aid organisation. “We have some shared aims with Scouting, ”, explains Juhana,  a KUA Paish Relations Specialist, “quality education and peace, as well as a livelihood”. With the help of a finnish speaker you can complete the KUA quiz, or just get your picture taken, while looking like a goat. 

Häme University of Applied Sciences is also running a quiz for prizes. The Telia communications company is running Playstation and tablet games. 

At the Canada Activity Tent, you can learn about Canada. “We’ve got street hockey, that’s Ice hockey without the ice,” says Doug “or the skates”. 

At the Scouts for Safe Water stall, you’ll meet members of the Mercy Scouts from Uganda. They would like you to hear their story of Scouts working in their communities, to dig wells, provide water filters, mosquito nets or reading glasses. “We can all do something,” Gidd explains “we have bracelets here that have been made by our scouts. They are made from packing tape which has been discarded in our communities.” By buying just one of the Kajo 2022 bracelets at the stall, you’re helping to “provide clean water to five children for a year, or a pair of glasses, or a mosquito net.” 

The Leirisuora is crossed by the Saukonjantie road, and  just to the south you’ll find the Tori area, which T.O.M.U. will visit later in the week. 

Text: Ger Hennessy 

Photo: Tuomas Jokinen