Tips for getting back to ”normal” life

With Kajo drawing to a close, the return to “real” life, may need getting used to. Here are some tips for integrating back into society.

  • It’s probably not required to assemble for a flag ceremony in your back garden every morning. 
  • If you have a dishwasher, try using it (efficiently), instead of setting up a four-basin washing up system.
  • No need to carry your I.D. around your neck everywhere you go.
  • If you have a sauna at home, there’s no need to move around it in a clockwise direction.
  • Try to limit your renditions of Kajotaan to two times an hour.
  • You may have hours worth of stories about Kajo, but other people may only tolerate a few minutes, so keep in touch with your fellow campers, to keep the memories of Kajo alive.
  • You may have to remember how to cook, use a microwave, kettle, or television. Have faith. You can do it.
  • You can plug in your phone indoors, and won’t need 6 battery-packs to keep it charged.
  • Don’t forget to flush the toilet after use
  • Dinner and dessert can be eaten at a single sitting
  • Take the wristband-off before it starts to smell.
  • Don’t forget Scout Scarf Day on 1st August.
  • Do not play bugles in built-up areas, your neighbours will not be pleased.
  • Remember, outside of Kajo, pizzas can be bought by young people.
  • Make a wish list for the next FinnJamboree.