• From a Scottish perspective –

Since arriving in Finland our Scottish group has enjoyed experiencing the unique Finish culture. 

Initially we were introduced to some classic Finnish confectionery like salmiakki that were not favoured by our group. This was due to the unusual tar flavour and salty taste!

but the tutti frutti´s were enjoyed by all.

We spoke to English groups, Canadian groups, and Australians who were all surprised by the misplaced confidence of the men in changing rooms and saunas. 

As a group we were shocked by the stark contrast in the Finnish food compared to the our Scottish scrandeggy. 

Though Jack and I have been harsh throughout this article we were genuinely astonished by the ingenuity and ability of the Finnish scouts and the Kajo team for the set up of all the structures and planning in such a short time. 

Overall, we have been impressed and bewildered by the difference in our cultures, one of the main ones being you guys call knob cream, ice cream, instead ??? 

The Finnish language was at first a great challenge due to its lack of links to any familiar grammar or anything that we are used to. 

by Ben C and Jack R

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