Have you been to Battle Valley yet? There you can find out if you are brave enough to complete the fun challenges. You can try archery and the forest gym or find out what’s happening on the rambo track or in the Battle lands. Bring your patrol and get ready for action! 

We visited Battle Valley to see if the atmosphere was as good as promised. Right at the gate we were met by a huge crowd. It was fun to see how everyone from toddlers to explorer scouts could find something fun for to do. Battle Valley was like an amusement park in the middle of the forest, and the atmosphere was at least as good as at Linnanmäki theme park in Helsinki. In the game booths you could participate in fishing, ring throwing, rope pulling and battle games and if you were skilled enough you could also win a prize! Unfortunately, the Ferris wheel was out of order when we visited the valley, but to be able to ride it would have been like the icing on the cake. 

In addition to Battle Valley, there was also a water fight in a maze. The cool weather did not stop the bravest from jumping into the lake and getting through the obstacle course in the water. Even though the rambo track was on land, extra bravery was also required, as the rain had made some of the obstacles slippery. It was inspiring that everyone got to experience the valley within their own limits and do exactly what they dared. The most important thing was to do your best and have fun!

Text: Maija Tupala

Translation: Ger Hennessy

Image: Tuomas Jokinen