Tips for spending your free time

It’s been quite a while since dinner and the next meal is still a few hours away. Laying in the tent is getting old and it would be nice to do something. No ideas just seem to come to mind.

Sound familiar? Even though there are lots of scheduled activities at Kajo, for balance there is also a lot of free time. Sometimes it’s good to just take a breather, but other times boredom strikes. This article covers some ideas for when you run out of creativity.

  1. The Plaza has all kinds of things to do. You can go buy a t-shirt from the store or enjoy a treat at the cafe. There you can also find the scouting museum and the Rainbow scouting tent.

On the Main street there are lots of different stalls and activities. Are you interested in Kajo’s partner companies? How about woodworking or the international lounge? From the Main street you can also find Accessibility’s tent, where you can try the accessibility’s action track or the workshop of senses among other things.

Café Majakka
  1. On the Main street there are of course many other things to see, but the highlight is definitely Välähtämö, which is located at the north-eastern end of the street. At Välähtämö there is always something going on. Numerous smaller activities are always welcoming anyone willing to try them.
  1. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down with a little treat and watch people come and go. The cafes and ice cream stands located around the campsite are the perfect place for this. 
  1. Card games are a permanent staple at camps. Invite your friends, old and new, and get a game going. You will not regret it.
  1. If sitting down isn’t your cup of tea, all kinds of games are a great way to kill time. Get familiar with traditional Finnish games. Every scout unit also has their own traditions when it comes to games. Try to get yourself into one of them by asking around!
  1. Camplife can get tiring and a little nap may help with that. Taking a break gives you the energy to continue your adventure and to also party late into the night.
  1. Almost all of the camp units have built themselves a stunning gate. Familiarizing yourself with these is a great way to pass time and possibly get inspired for the next camp. While doing this you will also inevitably get to know your way around the campsite. 
  1. Kajo is an amazing opportunity to meet people from Finland and abroad. Say hi to a passerby or take a look at what the neighbors are doing. You can also meet people at Välähtämö’s friend bank, where anyone can just grab themselves company. 

This list naturally can’t include everything. If you have ideas and want to share them, T.O.M.U.’s “tekstaripalsta” is a great place to do so. Enjoy your time at Kajo!

Text and photos: Lauri Manner-Raappana, Samu Rossi and Sami Ollinmäki